Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





Here’s some really good news: Everyone has the potential to influence others. The art of influencing starts when you realize you do have it! Everyday you have the ability to influence the people closest to you in your life. I’m not talking about manipulating, scheming or hype. I’m referring to a very powerful force that you and I have that can help us live powerfully productive and happier lives.

  • Influence is built on trust.
  • Influence is built on making others important.
  • Influence is most often possessed by those WITHOUT authority.

And this is the biggest shock to most people. You don’t have to have a titled or corner office in order to wield the most influence and power. In fact, it’s my belief, that women are the greatest sources of influence on the planet. We control the trajectory of not only our own lives, but the lives of our children, our husbands and significant others, our communities, states and our world.

“The FIRST requirement for being an influential person is knowing yourself.”

~Dr. Karen Keller

This quote is so true. Ladies, it’s time that we met the first requirement for influence and that knowing ourselves. If we really understood how to become powerful women of influence we would immediately stop living below our capabilities and we’d step into our greatness! That’s why I am hosting a special live experience exclusively for women of faith who want to know how to become more influential in order to be used by God in a significant way!