Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





This week I prayed for patience. I need it! And my guess is, so do you.

I read this quote that said, “be patient, the world is arranging itself,” and I thought about what that means. It could be that people are being put in place to be there just when I need them. It could mean that funding and supply is being gathered to be there when I have need. It could be that wisdom is being dispensed to help guide me when I need it most. Life is probably arranging opportunities, ventures and destiny places that are just right for me. And most likely ladies, the world is arranging itself for you too, right now.

The world is a vast place, with unlimited resources and all it’s requiring of me—and you—is to be patient.


Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. Patience is a muscle and it has to be “used” in order to develop and get stronger.  That means that we’ve got to enlarge our capacity to tolerate the delay because what you’re waiting for is coming. The world is just arranging itself for you.

Hang on, it’s coming!