Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





As I write this, the cutting and banging of the renovations happening in my house make it hard for me to think! In fact, if I let it, the noise would send me running  . . . to where? I have no idea! That’s what emotional “noise” does. It makes us crazy and sends us running around and around in our minds-to where? We have no idea!

Maybe you have financial, emotional “noise” in your head, keeping you up all night worrying. Or maybe it’s your relationship. You have the emotional upheaval of an affair or arguing all the time. Or it could be your body-your emotional eating is making you pack on the pounds.

Whatever emotional “noise” you have going on inside your head right now, it’s time to renovate it-change it up-so you can think and live again.

Step One: Acknowledge the noise

I can’t deny that they are banging, cutting and making a ton of noise in my home. That’s happening and will continue to happen until the renovations are complete. What’s going on in your life right now is happening. Acknowledge it. Don’t hide from it, face it because it’s happening. You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.

Step Two: Assess it

The ductwork and framing is happening right now in our home. Every night when the crew leaves, I go to inspect their work. How much progress is being made? Did they lock the door? How are things shaping up? I also re-imagine what the space is going to look like once it’s complete and decorated! You’ve got to do the same with your emotions. What are you feeling right now? Why are you feeling that way? Are your emotions appropriate or out of control? Assess them so that you know where you are.

Step Three: Let the unhelpful “noise” go! 

I posted a video this week about how letting go makes us so much more powerful. Like my FACEBOOK PAGE in order to view it right now (Jennifer Keitt Facebook Page). Right now, even though the noise is LOUD, I am choosing to let it go. I know what’s at stake and I know “this too shall pass.” It’s the same in your life, controlling and letting go of emotional noise puts you in a greater position to enjoy your journey.