Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





It was possibly one of the scariest moments during our home renovation so far . . . the day all of the railings were removed from our staircase! Before they were removed, I never considered how important railings were in my home. The day they came down, and my husband and I walked out of our bedroom to go downstairs, we were both shocked at how exposed, insecure and jittery we were. I found myself almost "hugging" the wall as I went up and down the now bare staircase! Those rails gave me a sense of security, of support and stability. 
Railings are super important!
Money is a railing that we all should have in our lives. With money we can have a sense of security, support to do what we want and the stability and peace of mind of being able to pay our bills and cover any and all expenses. Without money, our sense of security is shot, we don't have peace or stability and we can't muster up the support we need to traverse life.
Your money rails should NEVER be removed!
But what if right now you don't have any money railings? What if you're broke (or near it, living paycheck to paycheck)? What if you can't pay your bills-there's more bills left at the end of the month than there is the money to pay them? What if you can't sleep at night because of worrying about what the future may hold because you have no money railings? Don't panic, we're going to talk through how to erect money railings in our lives so that we don't have to continue trying to go up and down the stairs of life without any money support.
#1: Look at your staircase. Check out the picture of my staircase again. No matter how much I want the new railings right now, they aren't there. I have no railings. In order to start renovating your money, you have to know exactly where you are right now. Take a picture of your financial staircase. How much do you owe? How much do you make? What are your expenses, your wants and desires? How many gifts and talents are you using to create wealth right now? Take a very real and a very right now picture of your money situation. Write it down on paper and look at it.
#2: What new railings do you want monetarily? This is the step in which you plan for the new railings that you want to have in your life. Tony and I had to pick out new banisters, new spindles, the stain color for the new stairs BEFORE the renovation even began. We began this renovation with an end in mind. Financially you must do the same. What new railings of support, security and stability do you want to have in your financial life? Do you want the railings of investments and savings? Do you want the railings of better pay and benefits? Do you want the security of being able to pay your bills on time and to be able to handle any and all expenses? It's time to map out (on paper) the list of the new railings you want in your life relating to your money.
#3: Let the renovation begin! This third step is the most critical. We could never have hoped that we would have new railings on our staircase if we weren't willing to let them tear out the old. You've got to do that financially. The old financial stairs in your life have to go! It's time to rip out spending more than you can afford on your home. You may have to sell it. It's time to rip out living above your means. You may have to downsize. It's time to rip out paying for a brand new car (or leasing) if you can't make the payments. You may have to give it back, take the bus or walk. I know what I'm saying isn't pretty and fun. Neither is the renovation we are undergoing in our home. It's messy. It's noisy. It's inconvenient and it's taking time. It's the same with ripping out the old financial habits and stairs you've built in your life. It will be messy. You won't look pretty. It will take time and you will have a lot of noise going on inside your head. But it will be worth it in the end.
Start this process today . . . I'll have more steps later this summer! Your life needs monetary railings for your ultimate success!