Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





Meantime can be the hardest time to cope with in life. What do you do in the meantime while you’re waiting on that special someone? What do you do in the meantime while you are between jobs? What do you do in the meantime when you are waiting for your money to be straight? What do you do in the meantime when you are waiting on your dream to come to pass? Meantime is a very important time.

Right now, I am asking myself what do I do in the meantime while our house is in shambles waiting on the renovations to be complete? It’s been very interesting walking through this ‘meantime’ because it has taught me some lessons.

In the meantime, stay focused on the outcome. Where you are is not the final outcome. You are in between where you were and where you will be. Focus is essential. Keep looking at the end—where you will be. Keep focused on the very next step that needs to take place as you move forward. Focus will help you avoid getting overwhelmed when the ‘meantime’ gets on your last nerve!

In the meantime, prepare for the outcome. I take great joy in the preparation process that we are undergoing as we wait for the renovations to be complete. I am preparing for our new rooms. Preparation means you get to re-imagine how things can be. You get to get rid of what’s no longer serving you. You get to prepare for the way life will be once you are walking in your new normal. In the meantime, prepare to be a wife. Prepare to be a business owner. Prepare to be a great Mom. Preparation is queen in the meantime.

In the meantime, don’t forget to find hidden blessings. We tend to be in such a hurry during the meantime, that we forget to stop and finding the blessing of where we are. I know that it’s difficult to “enjoy” meantime experiences that have you in uncomfortable places, but there is something there that you can be grateful for. In my meantime experience, while the dust is everywhere, the house is bare and I have strangers parading through every room of my home, I try to steal away moments late at night after all of the workers are gone for the day to walk through the rooms and “see” what each place will look like when all is said and done and I am grateful that we can even do the renovations. I savor the experience. Savoring is taking the time to see one good thing (or two or three) and being grateful for those things. Even in tragedy, there is something to be grateful for (even if you can’t find gratefulness right now, hopefully one day you will be able to).

So, in the meantime, focus, prepare and find hidden blessings . . . you may just find that you won’t be in the ‘meantime’ for a very long time!