Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





How’s your summer going so far? I can’t believe how time is speeding by. We have just passed the tipping point in our renovation that has lead to yet another life principle for me this summer.

The county that we live in requires inspections after every trade does their thing. So what this means is when the electrician wires the house, an inspection is necessary. When the insulation is installed, another inspection is needed. When the heating and air work is done, yep, you guessed it, yet another inspection. Inspections stop everything. You can’t move the project along until the inspector has scheduled a time to come to look over and approve the work. No sticker, no approval, no forward movement.

Inspections are a necessary part of the process.

If we aren’t taking the time to inspect the vital parts of our lives, dare I say it? We are moving forward with “undone” or “incorrectly done” stuff that we are trying to build our lives upon. When’s the last time you inspected your attitude? How often do you look at your financial stability? When have you stopped everything to hear what your heart and life are really telling you? If we fail to inspect the core areas of our lives, we are building lives that will eventually fall apart.

This week, take time “off” and schedule inspections. Take a look at each of your core7™ areas and figure out whether or not they meet the approval necessary to build a great life upon!

Core7™ Inspections:

  1. How am I doing spiritually?
  2. How am I doing emotionally?
  3. How am I doing physically?
  4. How am I doing financially?
  5. How am I doing sexually?
  6. How am I doing professionally?
  7. How am I doing relationally?

Are you passing the inspections in these areas in your life OR do you need to stop everything and fix what’s wrong? Inspections are necessary and vital for great lives!