Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





No more scary walks up and down railing-less stairs! As you know we are turning a corner now nearing the finish line of our home renovation project that has lasted ALL summer! In an earlier edition of this newsletter I talked with you about the scary reality we faced of having stairs with no railings and how that reminded me of a life without the “railing” of financial stability and security.

Well let me tell you what it took to get the new railings installed…A LONG TIME! My husband and I were shocked at the process involved in installing new banisters and railings and how long it took those guys to put it in. Each railing had to be carefully measured, cut, sanded and fit into the top and bottom of the banister. I never would have thought that it would have taken weeks to do this, but it did. It was a time consuming process.

Reconstructing financial stability in our lives is too a time consuming process. Here are some steps that you can take to erect your financial situation.

#1: Plan for the long haul. I now have a brand new respect for staircases. In fact, I’ve begun noticing staircases wherever I go because I now know what it took to make it—a long time and lots of planning. With your financial life when you are beginning to get your railings in place (spending less than you make, assessing your debt, figuring out what investment strategy to use, establishing, fixing or expanding credit, etc) it’s going to take time. Your finances form the foundation of your life. How you handle them is a direct reflection of your character. You want to make sure you plan for the long haul, to have financial stability well into the future.

#2: Don’t overlook the details. The “shoes” on the railings are the little black items that go over the bottom of the railing to hold it into place. Those little pieces are seemingly insignificant, except that they are designed to hold the railing in place! Without that tiny “shoe” the whole rail is subject to coming undone. The details matter in your financial picture. That 3%, 401K savings that your company matches may not seem like much now, but over time it will be significant. The details of paying your bills on time and not just minimum balances over time will be the difference between money saved and money given to debtors. The details in your financial life—having life insurance, creating and establishing a will, making sure that you are talking with someone who’s expert in financial planning—all of these details will be the difference between your financial success and failing miserably.

#3: It takes two! The staircase in our home was one job that most definitely could not have gotten done effectively with just one person. Every time they worked on the banisters, there were two workers on the job. One helped measure, took away debris and worked ahead on the components involved with prepping cutting, etc. Even Warren Buffet uses others in his decision-making regarding his money! Don’t try to do your finances alone. Commit today that you will enlist the help of “advisors.” Those professionals and people who know more than you do regarding financial wealth, budgeting, saving and investing. Develop your own financial dream team and let them help you get to the place where your financial rails are erected so that you can walk up and down your financial “stairs” happily ever after!