Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





It’s ironic for me to talk about a weapon that is counterintuitive for me—especially because I am a communicator by trade. The weapon is silence and it can be most effective when you least expect it in your life.

You’ve heard the Mama-ism “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all!” Well ladies, it’s true, so very true! When your man is talking foolishness, say nothing—just look at him blankly and say nothing. When your kids are screaming your name for the 99th time, say nothing. When you’re tired, exhausted and don’t want to be bothered, say nothing. When you want to clap back, say nothing. When things aren’t going the way you planned, silence is your golden weapon.

It can save your life, your relationships, your job and your mind!

When my kids were really young and the four of them would be on my LAST nerve, I discovered that putting them on what I called “the silent treatment” worked wonders! I would say, “everyone’s on, silent treatment, right now!” and the silence would engulf us. The glorious, silence would sit heavy in the car, in the family room or wherever the crazy was happening and they would sit there, lips closed, and something magical happened. Whatever the issue was, it would get swallowed up in the silence. And when they were released from the silent prison, all would be well again.

You see silence doesn’t give people something to work with to use against you. Silence doesn’t let them into your thoughts or heart. Silence leaves them wondering, having to guess (and many times if they knew what you were thinking…OH BOY! Lol!). I am not suggesting that on important issues, at times when your voice is necessary to use silence, but I am saying that you should find the opportunity at work, at home, with your family, to use silence as a weapon of mass destruction! Don’t respond and watch arguments dissolve. Don’t answer and watch them figure it out themselves. Don’t say a word and watch people get in line with what you wanted them to do.

Ladies, here’s to a peaceful, silent week (let me know how it goes)!