Your expectation is key to how strong you finish this year. It will also determine how well you launch into 2017. If you expect nothing, you’ll receive nothing. But if you expect the absolute best from yourself and your life—hold on—you just might see things you never thought you would experience!

Here’s how I stoke the fire of my expectation:

Shut out the “noise.” Even with family and celebrating, I reserve “me” space in my brain to think about what could be and what should be in my life.

Journaling. I have multiple journals but at the end of the year, I set aside pages for reflection and planning and dreaming. Jotting down key words, thoughts, ideas or concepts helps to stoke the fire of expectation for me.

Talking with people close to me. I have to process my thoughts out loud. So for this time of the year, my husband and I talk—a lot—about what we see, feel, think and want for next year AND how we thought this year went. Talking helps me process and plan and most importantly, it helps me get excited about the future.

What do you do in order to stoke the fire of expectation in your heart? What ever you do, DO IT NOW so that you will expect the best for your life next year.

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