In my mind recently I saw this picture of a woman. She was straddling a fence with both of her arms stretched out on either side of the fence. She was trying desperately to hold on to too many packages and bags on both sides. She was completely overloaded, swaying from side-to-side, trying to compensate for the weight of her packages. She was losing the battle rapidly and in the picture, in my mind, I saw myself screaming, LET GO OF THE BAGS!

Ladies, this is not the time to hold onto unnecessary baggage in your life! If the relationship is over, let it go. If your co-worker got the promotion, let it go. If your money isn’t quite right, don’t hold onto the problems, worrying about them, let the problems go and start looking for solutions. You will never be able to move forward until you’ve let go!

Too many of us are so use to holding onto stuff for extremely long periods of time. He’s checked out years ago, but we’re still holding the bags, hoping he’ll come back and retrieve them. The dream has been dead and gone a long time, but we’re still holding on to what will never be, hoping that it will come back. The friendship, the business, the . . . whatever . . .  it’s gone, it’s over, bury it, move on and let it go.

I learned that in order to get the best, I had to let go of what I thought was the “good enough” bags. You know…this business deal is good enough. This friendship is good enough. This venture is good enough. These friends are good enough.

Good, ladies, is the enemy of great.

Ladies, decide right now to STOP holding onto the good enough bags in your life. Make the decision that you’re going to grab what’s great for you! It’s time, today, to drop those bags. Drop ‘em. Right where you are right now, let them go. Then start diligently looking for the great packages coming your way!