Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





Can you believe it? Only 24 more days left in 2016! Where has the time flown?
Well, I’m not one to waste one single moment that life gives me, so in the final newsletters of 2016, I’m going to share 3 important things I’m doing (and you can too) to finish strong in 2016.

Strategy #1: BE PRESENT. I am being extremely intentional to be present in every situation that I’m in during the final days of 2016. This year has turned out to be a turning point year for me. Very unexpectedly, we ended up graduating TWO children from college this year (as opposed to just our son who graduated in May). My final child is flying the coop this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited! I made a promise to God that I would walk with each of my children daily through the completion of their undergraduate degrees and next week my husband and I will watch our baby girl walk across that stage and have that degree conferred upon her.

What a feeling!

I don’t want to miss a moment by being distracted with crazy thoughts or get sidetracked with non-essentials. I am slowing down my mind, my heart, and my focus and I am being intentional about being THERE/HERE/WHEREVER I am at that moment.

You should too.

Sometimes we miss our lives when they are happening right in front of us because we aren’t present. We’re in the past thinking about what was said or done to us…or we’re in the future thinking about what’s next. But what about right now, right here, right in front of you? What are you missing? Let's finish strong by first and foremost committing to being present - right where we are!