I’m afraid. The two most debilitating words that you can say (or think long term). Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t admit when something scares us, but what I am saying is that long-term fear about what “could” happen or what “might” happen is crippling.

Especially when it comes to core areas of your life.

As women it’s imperative that we stand up look fear right in the face and say, “Not today fear! I’m not bowing, groveling at your feet, or in any way allowing you to stop me! Ever!”

Sure, I get afraid sometimes, but when I do here are the three questions I ask (and answer) to conquer the fear.

  1. Is the fear warranted? Is what I’m afraid of real? Is it tangible? Is it a sure threat? Honestly, the majority of the time by asking this question, I’ve discovered the fear is usually not warranted. It’s usually my mind working against me. If it’s real, respond accordingly. If it’s not, keep moving forward.
  2. Is the fear trying to distract me? Funny as that may sound, fear has a way of keeping our focus locked so that we can’t see what’s really important. For example, if you’re afraid you’ll never get ahead financially, you’ll spend so much time looking at the fear of never getting out of debt that you won’t see strategies and tiny steps you CAN take to begin the process today. Step back and ask yourself if the fear you have is merely a distraction.
  3. What’s the next step I need to take to conquer the fear? There’s always one small yet significant step that you can take right now that will move you one step further from the fear. If you’re afraid to end a relationship, take the next step and pick up your phone. Then take the next step and dial the number. Then take the next step and end the relationship. Instead of getting bogged down with the fear of what “might” happen, ask yourself what’s the immediate next step that you can take that will set a series of steps in motion moving you toward your desired end goal.

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Name the fear you are currently facing: ___________________________________________________

Answer the 3 questions:

  1. Is the fear warranted/real?
  2. Is it trying to distract you from something else?
  3. What’s the immediate next step you must take to conquer it?