Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





I’ve wondered for a long time what does it mean to be meek? What is meekness? And as a woman, is it a sign of weakness if I’m meek? And so to answer these questions I began an intense search to find out what this archaic, ancient word means and if it’s relevant for today’s woman?

Here’s what I found out.

While Biblical meekness is a hard word to translate into English, at the core of it’s meaning I learned that it’s simply an attitude of your heart. Meekness is a woman’s willingness to accept—without resistance—the will and desire of God for her life and to act accordingly.


The meek woman isn’t self-willed. She isn’t continually pushing to have her way. She’s not so “sold” on her own ideas that she won’t consider what others have to say or think. Being meek is the opposite of being on your own agenda. It’s the opposite of self-will or self-interest. It doesn’t mean you aren’t direct, decisive or have opinions, it simply means that you opt to not exert your way—always.

The bottom-line is that meekness is not weakness of character it is, in fact, exhibiting absolute strength. Being meek requires the utmost self-control to allow God to have His way with your thoughts, feelings and ideas. And I’ve found out, I am pretty powerful when I’m intentionally meek. And you can be too.

Can you imagine the things that you could accomplish in your family if you put others first by choosing meekness? Can you imagine what would happen on your job, if you were strong enough to allow someone else to have the final say? What possibility of peace, tranquility, happiness or love would there be in your relationship with your spouse or partner if you opted to prefer him above yourself? When we as women discover the hidden power of meekness, we enter into influence and power beyond our wildest dreams. It doesn’t mean becoming someone different or altering our personality. It simply means you recognize that you’ll end up winning and on top eventually anyway, so it’s o.k. to prefer others first.

Now I KNOW these thoughts and ideas may make the hair stand up on the back of your neck! But maybe, just maybe that’s actually God trying to give you a new level of significance, breakthrough and power. It’s time we had women who were “strong enough” to become “meek enough” to start changing their worlds! 

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