Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





I love summertime! Not only is it a time of sun, warmth, vacations and lazy, long days, it's also the perfect time to unplug. I'm not referring to what we call unplugging nowadays--turning off our cell phone for 15 minutes, or not binge-watching Netflix for a weekend. 
I'm talking about unplugging our soul.
I know it may sound weird, unplug your soul. But hear me out. Just like an overloaded computer or an app-ridden cell phone, having too much information on our devices causes them to slow down, misdirect or shut down unexpectedly.
It's the same with our souls.
Too much information, too many things happening in our lives, too many people pulling us in a million different directions, too many decisions being put off until "later", too much procrastination, too many distractions . . . and our overcrowded souls begin to misdirect us, or even shut down on us and we feel drained, frustrated, angry and burned out.
Don't let that happen. Let me share with you what I do.
More often now than ever, I unplug my soul. I intentionally shut down inwardly enough to hear my heart again in order to reconnect with my feelings, my thoughts and my desires. I take care of my soul by allowing God to repair it! He's the Creator, He certainly knows how to fix me.
Over the next few weeks, let's unplug together.
This week, and the rest of this month, we're going to unplug by reconnecting with the concept of "resting." Not taking a nap, finding that place of rest in your soul so that you are no longer anxious, or frustrated or out of touch with how you're feeling. It's really simple. All you'll need is this e-newsletter (or you can go to this same post on my blog), and a journal. I'll give you the focus scripture and a journal question (or two). And all you do is take 10 minutes, sit quietly, unplug and either journal or search your heart for the answers to the simple questions. My hope is that at the end of the Summer, we will feel refreshed and renewed.
Reflection for this week:
"He makes me to lie down in green pastures" Psalm 23:2
What does it mean to rest (for you)?