Yes, I am talking to you today! YOU are a powerful woman, more powerful than you could every fathom. In fact, you are so powerful you can (with just your thoughts) create the worst possible disaster imaginable OR you can create the most impressive life possible!

The choice is yours. Choose not to worry anymore.

Our desires can create worry and tension within, especially when we perceive our needs or desires aren’t going to be met. You and I are VERY familiar with the tension of not having what we need, when we need it and waiting for the need to be met. You want your kids to succeed in school but right now they’re failing. You want those bills to be paid and right now you have no cash. You want to be happy in your marriage but right now, he’s the last person you want to see! We all know this tension place. And too many of us bridge this gap with worry.

I’ve learned something very important. Worry is the worst bridge ever to travel across. You can’t manage worry. You can’t benefit from worry. Worry creates worse case scenarios and paralyzes us with fear. The only escape is to NOT build a worry bridge between your needs and waiting for the answers.

Instead of worrying (right now) let’s talk to God. Let’s shape our worries into conversations with God and watch Him help! Build a worship bridge instead of a worry bridge. Worshipping God (and remembering how good He is) brings us across our troubles on a solid bridge toward answers. The wisdom you need is found on the worship bridge. The actions you need to take are found on the worship bridge. The endurance, stamina and perseverance are all found on worship bridges NOT worry bridges.

Stop worrying. God’s got you. He’s not ever going to let go.