We started this year off ‘disrupting’ negative thinking. But the more I thought about and implemented the principles I’ve been talking with you about (and have slowly but surely begun seeing the results), the more I realize I need to become a disrupter in every area of my life so that I can upend all the negativity, junk and stuff trying to hold me down!

Remember the definition of disrupt? It means to: drastically alter or destroy the structure of something. I realize, ladies, I don’t want life as usual with just enough to get by. I want my life drastically altered for the better. I want the old structures of thinking and behaving to be destroyed so that I can be free to soar! I don’t want to be limited in my thinking or my influence. I don’t want to just to grind all day and fall into bed at night exhausted. I don’t want finances that are just barely enough to make it to the end of the month and then start all over again. I don’t want relationships that are status quo and not powerful, loving or dynamic. I don’t want to live life passionless—I want my passion IGNITED to stay burning brightly, fueling me into my purpose and destiny!

To become a disrupter, I realize I must

  1. Know myself better than I have ever known myself before
  2. Constantly feed my mind and soul with powerful principles, thoughts and ideas to move my life forward
  3. Be committed to staying connected to the right people in my life who will support the direction I am heading in.

The things that I realize I need to become a disrupter, are the very things that I try to provide for you here at The Keitt Institute. I don’t know about you, but I realized I have been in the process of disrupting my life for quite some time now. I’m shaking up my life. I’m igniting my passion. I’m not thinking the same, seeing the same, or believing the same. I am committed to empowering your life (if you’ll let me), and I am committed to seeing you achieve everything you dreamed of in your life. Become a disrupter with me. Stay connected to me and The Keitt Institute. Enjoy the experiences we are creating just for you and then implement everything that you learn. Step out of the way things were or are and step into a new disrupted life.