Yes you can! I said, “Yes you can!” You have resident within you the strength, determination, and perseverance to defeat whatever you are up against right now! Yes, you can defeat doubt. Yes, you can defeat loneliness. Yes, you can defeat discouragement. Yes, you can defeat feelings of unworthiness. Yes, you can survive…but more than survive, you can WIN!

How do I know? Let me tell you what happened to my 22-year-old daughter this past weekend. She lives in Manhattan. After going out with friends, they took Uber home and her friend mistakenly kept my daughter’s wristlet on her arm. The Uber took off and my daughter was locked out of her building all night! The building’s buzzer doesn’t work (I have strong words for her landlord, but that’s another story!)…so my 22-year-old had to walk the streets of NYC overnight trying to figure out what to do. She called me, I didn’t pick up. She called her Dad, he didn’t pick up …she called the only sibling’s number she could remember, she didn’t pick up. So Sam—in the rain—received help from total strangers…finagled free rides from kind bus drivers and finally ended up being helped at the police station by one kind police officer.

When I think about how WRONG this scenario could have gone, I drop to my knees and thank God for His grace, mercy and protection for my daughter. When I wasn’t there for her, HE was! And guess what ladies, Sam survived.

And you will too.

My daughter discovered (when we all talked as a family the following day) one VITAL life lesson, I AM STRONGER THAN I THINK I AM! She discovered that when your back is against the wall, and you are determined that you will not die…answers come. She discovered that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And she discovered that even when you mess up, and it’s your fault, God’s grace and mercy are still there to cover you, protect you and help you to win…in spite of circumstances.

I could have been writing a very different story…and I am eternally grateful that I can write you this one. You CAN survive, you CAN thrive, you are much stronger than you think you are. Trust and believe that the thing that was meant to harm you, you will defeat and you will use it as proof positive that you are a winner!