Yes you can! Yes you will! You can accomplish what you have in mind for this year. You will accomplish what your heart desires! You can have your purpose fulfilled. You can learn how to walk out your dreams and vision. And I can’t and won’t let negative thoughts steal my year!

And neither can you.

We are disrupting negative thinking and here’s the second thing we must do (after acknowledging and accepting that our thinking is bad which I talked about in last week’s newsletter). We must force ourselves to challenge every negative thought that comes our way. The article that I read at the first of this year in the New York Times said this, “If you’re having trouble challenging your negative thoughts, imagine that your friend is the one who needs to stop thinking negatively. What advice would you give her?” This is so important because WE CAN ALWAYS HELP SOMEONE ELSE! But we have a difficult time helping ourselves. So try this action step instead. When you are hit with negative thoughts, ask yourself what would you tell your friend to do? And then follow your advice—stop the negativity!

Step two in disrupting negative thinking: challenge every negative thought. Ask yourself if a friend had nasty thinking what would you tell her to do? Then follow your own advice!