Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





A few months ago, I bought a beautiful white orchid. I LOVE orchids but I didn’t know how to care for them. So after I brought the orchid home it soon lost all of her beautiful flowering leaves. I was so sad. I picked the orchid up and headed to the trash. But while looking closer at the orchid something said to me, “don’t give up on her yet.” So I didn’t. I simply put the bare orchid down in one spot and left it there. Weeks went by and nothing changed.

One day, I bent down because a tiny shoot on the stem caught my eye. I looked even closer and it appeared as if tiny nodules were making their way out of the stem. They were small, insignificant at first. But day after day each nodule started to get bigger and bigger. Then one day, BAM! I saw a bloom! One by one the beautiful white flowers burst forth and I was so happy!

My orchid bloomed where she was planted.

And so can you.

Right now there may be areas of your life that look dead. Maybe spiritually you are in a dead place. Maybe emotionally or financially all of your resources are depleted. Maybe your marriage or your friendships aren’t going anywhere and you feel dead. How can you turn things around?

Well start by staying planted. Then bloom where you are. The interesting thing about life is that sometimes when we do nothing except keep doing what we’ve been doing, slowly things begin to turn as we begin blooming where life has us planted. I’ll give you an example.

Around year 15 of my marriage, Tony and I knew that our marriage was dying. But we had no idea what to do about it. One day we had this long talk going nowhere in the middle of our living room. Our house sat on a canal and I looked out back as we sat there in silence. I then said to him I feel as if we are in the middle of that canal in a boat with holes in the bottom drowning. He agreed. We were dead. And so we did nothing.

Yep, we did absolutely nothing EXCEPT kept on being married. We were civil. We were cordial, we grew peaceful, things got stable, and somewhere something began to happen. It was a bud at first. I thought …it’s not so bad being in this marriage. Then the bud got bigger. I thought …I actually do still love him. Then the bud began to bloom. I thought…I really don’t want to be without him. It took time. And we worked at blooming where we were planted in this marriage.

I’m not saying like a magic wand wave it and things will be better. I am saying that sometimes, just doing nothing but blooming where you are planted IS a strategy worth trying. Just maybe your orchid isn’t dead yet. Leave it alone and bloom where you are planted.