“I promise to meet your most important emotional needs.” What would change in your relationship if you made and kept that promise to your spouse? When you come right down to it, this promise to care for each other is an agreement to meet each other’s most important emotional needs. When these needs are met, you can fall in love with whoever meets them (preferably your spouse or committed partner)! That’s why it’s so important for a couple to meet needs for each other as exclusively as possible.

Here’s a secret ladies, you can find your man irresistible if you are committed to meeting one another’s emotional needs. How? Every couple needs to start by identifying their most important emotional needs.

Below is a list of 10 needs. Take a moment and rate each need on a scale of one to five, 1 being not important and 5 being very important. Have your spouse do the same and then compare each of your top five emotional needs.

___ Sexual Fulfillment

___ Recreational Companionship

___ Physical Attractiveness

___ Domestic Support

___ Admiration

___ Affection

___ Conversation

___ Honesty and openness

___ Financial Support

___ Family Commitment

When a husband and wife learn to meet each other’s most important emotional needs, they find each other irresistible! Are you a couple who knows how to meet one another’s emotional needs? Tell me your story and send me your success tips, and suggestions for helping keep your relationship emotionally connected This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.