#SheOwns Branding Basics Webinar

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Empowered Entrepreneurship

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Do you have an idea, a side hustle, or a small business your trying to launch... and you're in need of powerful branding strategies? Do you need to know how to pull together a brand image, how to communicate your message, how to speak to impress, and how to market on social media?

The Keitt Institute is here to help get you on the right track in our unique experience called #SheOwns. We will discuss branding basics, social media marketing strategies, and communication/presentation must have skills to help you take the next step towards your successful launch or rebrand.

During this webinar, Keitt Institute graphic designer and Head of Branding, Morgan Holmes, and Keitt Institute Chief Empowerment Officer, Jennifer Keitt, will teach you the basics of creating a lasting brand.