Flourishing Webinar

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Stop Survivng. Start Thriving

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You want what we all want as powerful women: happiness, success and to live meaningful and purpose-filled lives. But in today’s chaotic, stress-filled world, your wellbeing is under constant attack. How do today’s successful women flourish? You will find out in this Keitt Institute Webinar Experience: Flourishing, 7 Approaches To Move You From Surviving To Thriving! 

Your Chief Empowerment Officer, Jennifer Keitt, will teach strategic approaches you can take right now in order to move from surviving to thriving in your life. Your registration includes a free, downloadable workbook plus by registering you will make a huge difference in the lives of women. All proceeds will be given to The Keitt Institute to help in our continuing mission of empowering, educating, equipping and encouraging women globally.

​In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to recognize survival mode
  • How to face your life without fear
  • How to cultivate personal strength to flourish
  • How to feel positive about life  
  • The power of building momentum
  • How to reclaim your thoughts
  • And so much more…