Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





It’s time! Now is the time to clear out your life to make room for good things to begin. My daughter Sam has a great rule for updating her wardrobe that I’ve extended into my life as a rule for my life. When Sam buys a new item for her wardrobe, she gives away 5 pieces! That way she’s always got a fresh, updated, NON-CLUTTERED closet.

I like this principle for my life.

Whenever I want to add in new information—new thoughts, new strategies, new relationship principles or new ideas—I challenge myself to get rid of old stuff that isn’t working for me anymore. Ladies, if you want a fresh, vibrant, rich and rewarding life, you’ve got to make room for good things to begin.

What’s not serving you well in your life anymore? What behaviors have you adopted that must change? What habits have you grown accustomed to that aren’t serving you well? What ideas or strategies need to be shaken up in your life in order to go to the next level?