VTEM skitter

I’m a fierce competitor. I love to win! Winning is an integral part of my personality wiring. I take no credit for being this way. It’s not because of my parents. It’s God’s doing. He wired me for challenges, choices, control … He’s the reason I climb and take mountain after mountain in my life. I’m not bragging. I’ve just simply learned to accept who I am.

And I hope you can and do accept who you are too.

Too often I see women shrinking back from their significance. We spend a great deal of time trying to live up to other’s standards for our lives, instead of running our own game. Setting our own rules. And being in competition with no one.

I have one audience member I must please at all times. His name is God. Period. End of discussion.

Do yourself a favor today and turn the page on competing against other women, against other co-workers or other people in general. You have no one to compete against. Simply discover who you are, and live. Be. Accept you. 

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