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Since the ‘90’s when I started my women’s empowerment purpose-journey, articles continue to be written about work-life balance. Article after article attempts to ask/answer the infamous question: Can women truly have it all? I’d like to bring a perspective to this conversation in my upcoming FREE webinar.

For the record: YES, women can have it all. Just not all at once.

In my life I have a happy 31-year marriage. I have 4 well-adjusted, contributing adult children. I have a 30+ year career that I adore. By my OWN “success standard,” I have it all. But I most certainly did NOT get all of this at the same time or easily. That’s why I have created the upcoming Webinar: Hustle, Heart and Having It All to share with you the principles behind having it all in your life.

I know you want great relationships. I know you desire to raise successful children. I know you want to present to the world your best self every day. And I also know you wonder how? You wonder if you’re the only one struggling to “balance?” I know you want to know that you matter, that you’re significant and that at the end of all the hard work you will see the reward of “having it all!”

Register today for my FREE webinar. It’s live on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15th at 12:00 noon ET. Register HERE. You will learn: How to hustle with intention everyday. Strategies for “having it all” in your life. How to deal with being overwhelmed by life. The role your heart plays in your success…and so much more! Register today.


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