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Happy families are our greatest national resource. In our families we find our meaning, strength, dignity and future. I’d like to take time to identify our family’s strengths and their weaknesses. Knowing what areas can destroy your family is a huge defense against all of the brokenness, violence and destruction we see everyday among people. Here are two areas that can do the most harm in your family, plus tips to grow your “family tree” into a vibrant healthy force!

WORDS: there is a huge difference between speaking words and communicating effectively. In our families we should be careful to communicate the right messages to those whom we say we love. If your husband says something “sideways” don’t snap back…breathe and respond in an appropriate manner. A gentle answer turns away wrath (anger). Harsh words cause arguing, disagreements and fraction in our families. FAMILY GROWTH TIP: Don’t do damage with your words. Use your words to reconcile and heal.

OFFENSES: attacks cause wounds. Just think about football. When a team is on the offensive they are “driving” forward and plowing down any/all players who stand in their way. In our families when we “offend” one another, it’s as if we plow over each other! When you offend family members, you in essence “attack” them in some way causing damage to the relationship. Family “offenses” can sometimes even fester for generations! Offense is a family tree killer. FAMILY GROWTH TIP: Be careful not to disrespect family members. But if you do, be quick to apologize and restore the relationship.

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