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It’s 2018 and I say we need an entirely different approach to achieve our New Year resolutions. It’s time to pace yourself for a marathon in order to have the life success you desire, not a sprint! To help you be UNSTOPPABLE, I’m encouraging you to use my 36-month, “3-P” Principle. It’s what I’ve already taken my family through, and it's what I am working on with my executive coaching clients.

PRIORITIES. Priorities are our “who and what?” First, I want you to think about who are the most important people in your life? And next, think about what areas of your life are completely non-negotiable? For me, my marriage, personal relationships with all four of my kids and my career are not negotiable. Those areas are written in stone and my resolutions reflect my commitment to my priorities—for the next 3 years! It’s so important for men and women to lock in who they I want to have beside them over the next 36-months and what success looks like in 3 years? That means, prioritizing those areas that are non-negotiable in your life. Is it health? Family time? Business launch? Emotional strength? Then those things must be listed, and written in stone as you move forward this year.

PURPOSE. Purpose is our fat, huge, juicy “why?” This is where the gold lies in goal setting. If our why isn’t big enough, we will never accomplish our resolutions and goals. Bottom line, our why must drive the next 36-months. So, for example, if you have a goal of eating healthy, your why could be tied to being in shape in order to run around and play with your kids as they grow the next 3 years! If you want to be better off financially in 3 years, your why may include cutting back on eating out because in 3 years you want to increase your savings account by $1,000. The “purpose” for the goal—the why—is critical for life success. I say people don’t have really big, juicy, 36 month   ‘whys’—and that’s why they give up on their resolutions.

PLAN. This is where we think about our “when, where and the all important how?” Unfortunately most people want to jump right into planning, without having first prioritized and explored their why over the next 36 months. What kind of parent will you need to be for your children in 3 years? What business strategies will you need to stay competitive in your career over the next 3 years? What additional coaching or training will help you improve your marriage or launch that new idea over the next 3 years? Our plan comes out of having locked in place our priorities and our purpose. This is the part that I love helping people figure out, how to make the magic happen for the next 3 years!  

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