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Looking at my four millennial children as I celebrate Mother's Day this year, I am now beginning to see how some strategies that I used with them early on are now paying off. Here are 5 power tips you can use everyday to raise strong, successful children. 

Appreciate their differences: Children are loaded with all kinds of different stuff. They have different temperaments, different tastes, different skills... they have different perspectives and behaviors. When mothering, always remember to take time to appreciate how different each of your children are. Instead of trying to change who they are, or trying to make them like you, appreciate their differences and you'll find as they grow into adults, they will have a strong foundation to rely on. 

Acknowledge their talent: Let the hunt begin early for your children's talent. You'll get glimpses of the "gold" as you watch them grow and mature. Look for natural abilities, things they do without prompting or asking. Look for hobbies that they love. Look at each of your children as a loaded treasure box full of valuable gifts and talent that will help make them successful in their lives. 

Affirm their uniqueness: Be sure to tell your children just how unique they are in an affirming way. Instead of questioning or demeaning uniqueness, lift it up, celebrate and applaud their unique attributes. Maybe they can say all the states in alphabetical order, or can tell stories impromptu or can design buildings with legos without the boxed sets. Whenever you see your child being uniquely them, affirm them! Tell them how unique and special they are. 

Amplify the positive character traits: This is simple. Amplify telling the truth, being kind, patience or loving gestures. Be sure you always make a point in helping your kids become positive, good human beings. Catch them acting in positive ways and make a huge deal about it. 

Adapt your parenting style: For every child you have and for every season in your child's life, you'll need to change and grow as a Mom. You shouldn't keep using the same approaches or parenting tools for every child. As a Mom, you've got to stay ahead of your child's growth curve. Adapt or you'll find yourself trying to catch up parenting your children. Grow, read, pray, get support, try new ways, be committed to being the best Mom 24/7, 365 days a year! 

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