Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





I’m having dinner with my ENEMIES! 

Isn’t that a crazy thought! What would it look like if you had dinner with your enemies? I can envision the most beautiful table set. Fine china. Gorgeous centerpiece. Exquisite glassware and silverware and a dining room that is sophisticated and classy. And in walk my enemies: fear, doubt, and the “it’s never going to happen” crew. I can see all of the haters of my soul parading in one after the other, sitting down at my beautiful table.

And I’m at the head of the table, grinning!

How can this be? Well, in our unplugged series, this week, we’re going to find out as we read and journal about one of my favorite lines in the 23rd Psalm!

This week, I want you to turn upside down what you think about the enemies you face daily. Instead of thinking that you’re defeated, or that you’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough or fabulous enough, have dinner with those enemies. Sit down at a table prepared for you by God, look them in the eye, raise your glass high and eat your victory meal! Doubt and do anyhow! Fear and move forward in spite of the fear. Trust that “all things work together for your good.”

You’re still standing and breathing, right? Then it ain’t over honey!

It’s time to pick up a pen and your journal and have dinner! Enjoy your unplugged time. 


Reflection for this week:

“You serve me a six-course dinner, right in front of my enemies” Psalm 23:5a (MESSAGE)

Envision having dinner with the enemies of your soul. First, write out your guest list. Which enemies are the strongest, meanest and most troubling for you? Sitting at the head of the table, what will you say to each enemy at your table? What’s God’s role in your banquet? What does He say about your enemies? Write about your experience.
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