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“I’ll be back!” I love that classic line that Arnold Swarzenegger said in the movie Terminator. There was no question that no matter what he was about to face, he’d be back.

And I’ll be back too. So will you.

Honestly, I’m feeling lighter already since starting this unplugging journey I’m feeling the inward weights and burdens being lifted.

I’m being restored.

The word restored means “to bring back.” That’s interesting because it means that I’ve lost stuff in my life. Stuff that I may not have even realized was gone. Stuff like my confidence, my peace, my motivation or determination. Stuff slowly slips away in the hustle and bustle of life and you could wake up one day and realize it’s gone!

Where did your passion go? Where did those dreams go? Where did your laughter, your spark, your shine go? It doesn’t take much to lose very important stuff in our lives. And we’ve got to be intentional to get it back.

So let’s look at what it means to be restored.

I love interior design. I fancy myself being an amateur designer! One project sitting downstairs in my basement right now is an old dresser that I want to restore. Restoring furniture is an arduous process. You’ve got to sand down, scrape off, retighten, repaint, and so on. It’s labor intensive. It takes time.

And like furniture restoration, the restoration of our souls takes time too.

This week as we unplug, let’s look at what it would take and mean if you were to undergo the restoration process. What would that mean for you? If God restored your health, your wealth, your relationships, your career, your sanity…how would that make you feel? Let’s journal and think about it.

I hope you enjoy thinking about being restored this week. It's time you got back to being the dynamic woman you really are!


Reflection for this week:

“He restores my soul” Psalm 23:3


Which private areas inside your heart need repair and why? List them one-by-one and write/think about them.

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