Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





There are 13 weeks left in 2017 and I want all of us to finish strong this year! As you know, I started renovations on my home this summer and FINALLY it’s done! Our final furniture was delivered this past weekend and here you see me standing in my happy “after” space! For the first time ever, I have the empowerment library of my dreams. All of these books are from the thousands of authors that I have interviewed throughout the years. It’s my personal collection of powerful, dynamic, motivational and inspirational books…my personal empowerment library!



I’ve shared how much this renovation has taught me about life. This final thought: how to finish strong, is probably the most poignant of all the life lessons. With so few weeks left in 2017, I’d like to share with you the most succinct way to finish strong based on how my husband Tony and I “finished” the renovations on our home.

PURGE: The library that you see has been EDITED. We gave away hundreds and hundreds of book to whittle the library down to only those titles that meant the most to us. In the remaining weeks of this year, be intentional to remove all thoughts, ideas and mindsets that are holding you captive. Be intentional about selecting ONLY those ideas and creative thoughts that will take you into the New Year in a powerfully strong way!

PICTURE: Now’s the time to picture what you want to see accomplished by the end of this year. What does “finishing strong” look like for you? The library that I am now standing in has been a picture in my mind for years. When the renovation began, I scoured magazines, blogs, articles…I gathered a ton of pictures of libraries and I imagined what I wanted the space to become. That’s what you’ve got to do with the remaining weeks in 2017. Imagine how you need to look emotionally. Imagine what you need to look like financially. Imagine what you need to look like as a Mom…as a wife…as a business owner. See it. Then become it.

 PLAN: The life you want won’t come without a plan. It was great that I purged. It was fantastic that I pictured what the space would look like. But it wasn’t until I sat down and began to plan how to pull it together that things started to take shape. Planning involves thinking, designing, imagining, strategizing, rearranging, putting things in order, changing that order again and again until it’s complete and right for you. Sit down started today. Quiet down your mind. Focus on the one area you want to finish strong in this year. Develop a goal for that area. Then plan the steps necessary to bring that goal into fruition. If you need a coach to help, make “plans” right now to attend my end of the year retreat! The PowerHER Retreat being held December 1st and 2nd is a time of reflection, planning, and rejuvenation. We’ll start with a wine cocktail party on Friday night and then for the majority of the day on Saturday, we will have the time of our lives focusing on our passions, our purpose, and the plans we want to see come to pass in our lives! CLICK HERE to register you and a friend today. It’s an intimate time and we only have 25 tickets. Get yours today.