Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





Our lives are filled with endless to-do lists. We all have them, and it never seems like we get everything done in the hours that we have each week.

It’s amazing to me, however, that God created everything in just 6 days. He even had time to rest the ENTIRE 7th day! I struggle to find one complete day of rest and I know I don’t do anything close to create a universe full of people in a week!

I know you’re saying, “C’mon Jennifer, He’s GOD!” Yeah, I know. And you and I are created in His image so maybe there’s something we can learn from Him.

As we continue to unplug, let’s think about what it means to “cease from working.” Even writing that I know how crazy it looks and sounds to you (because it looks that way to me too!). But hold on. What if there’s an underlying “working” that we’re all engaged in that isn’t productive or helpful or even getting us closer to our goals? What if the “work” of worrying is keeping you from enjoying your life today. What if the “work” of arguing constantly with your husband is keeping you from enjoying your marriage? What if the “work” of not feeling you’re good enough is keeping you from enjoying who God has made you to be.

You see we have a lot of extraneous “work” that we engage in that robs us of our joy, peace and rest. So today (and this week) as we unplug, let’s think and write about what it means to stop the extra “work” we’ve taken on. How would your life be different if you got rid of all that extra “work” you’re doing that isn’t productive? Let’s journal about it!

Stop doing all of your “extra” working this week!! Take a moment and reflect on the journal question and unplug your soul.


Reflection for this week:
“For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.” Hebrews 4:10
What “work” do you need to quit doing in your life?
How can you begin resting instead?
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