Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





In 2 days I am turning 53-years-old! Birthdays are the absolute perfect time to reflect and look at the impact our lives have had. This weekend I will be going away to celebrate with my family (we are going away on a special family vacay) and I am already starting the reflection process. Can I tell you something? I am so glad that I answered purpose’s call.

I still have the scene hung on the wall of my heart. It was 1997 and I was in a quiet time (very short I might add because I had 4 little ones). Almost instantly I began to see a purpose come hazily into existence in my heart. By that time I had been talking with “today’s women” through my radio show and speaking engagements…and that day, all those years ago, I felt like I was doing more than a “job.” I felt like my very purpose on earth was to empower women.

I picked up purpose’s call. Have you?

Moments like those in 1997 don’t happen often. In fact they can be so seemingly insignificant that if we’re not very careful we’ll miss the call. I’m grateful that life continues to give clues to purpose all the time, everywhere. We’ve got to just become doggone great detectives to piece the clues together and to answer purpose’s calls.

Maybe you just “feel” your life has more meaning than you’re exhibiting right now. Answer that call! Maybe you’ve volunteered and your heart had an unexplainable contentment…answer the call! Maybe you’re serving someone, giving your time or talent or money and your life feels “right” now that you’re active…answer the call! Ladies, purpose calls are the most important calls we can answer. If you’ve never reflected on your life to see when purpose has called, I strongly encourage you to do that TODAY. Don’t wait…purpose could be calling right now!