Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer





I am entering into the final stretch of this year expectant! Why? Well next year we’ll be turning a corner here at The Keitt Institute—my non-profit, women’s empowerment organization. Next year’s “theme” for our PowerHER Experience will actually become our anthem…our war cry…our mission … Next year, I will lead the charge in empowering women’s lives to the point of women becoming UNSTOPPABLE in every area of their lives!

Next year, 2018, we are entering into a new era, the era of the Unstoppable Woman! It’s my intentional to empower, educate, equip and encourage women in every season of your life. From High School – Maturity, we have (or are developing) programming to enhance your life. Why? Because I want you to be unstoppable!

Not only is this our theme, but it’s our heart’s desire…it’s my heart’s desire, every day of my life. That’s why I can boldly say, “I’ve got this!” and mean it. There’s one truth that enables me to say “I’ve got this,” whatever the “this” may be at the moment in my life. And that truth is this: I keep my focus on what I can do right now.  Right now, I pay the bills I can. Right now, I parent my kids to the best of my ability. Right now, I love my husband in spite of what he may have done or said. Right now, I am on mission…whatever your right now has you, focus on it and do what you can.

I don’t worry about what I can’t do. I don’t look at what hasn’t happened yet. I pay no attention to what others are doing. I am focused…I wear blinders…I don’t look to the left or right. I keep my attention focused on what I can do right now. That’s why I can boldly say, “I’ve got this!” And I hope you can say the same.

Stop spending your energy and time looking at what everyone else has or is doing. Focus on what you CAN do right now and then do it! You’ve got “this!” Whatever the “this” is in your life.  If you want to become unstoppable, you’re going to have to learn that focus is your friend and then use that focus to concentrate on what you can do. Then—like Nike—just do it!

Registration is OPEN for our powerful PowerHER Experience 2018, “The Unstoppable Woman!” This is one you do not want to miss. Grab your friends, plan a girls weekend with us here in Atlanta and register now for March 3, 2018. It’s the day, the time, the moment, that you will become unstoppable! See you soon!