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 Inspiration | Professional Development | Motivation | Empowerment

Jennifer empowers, educates, equips and encourages people to live powerful, productive and purpose-filled lives. She focuses on strengthening the personal side of today’s professional. She customizes each keynote experience to your goals and desired outcomes for your audience. For more information, you can view Jennifer's Media + Press Kit and her NSA Keynote Address.

Jennifer's goals for your keynote address: 

  • To inspire, compel, invigorate, charge and motivate your audience in a high-powered environment to facilitate extraordinary professional and personal growth.
  • To equip your audience with powerful tools for self-awareness, helping them to bring valuable data about themselves into their repertoire with the goal of increasing their esteem, value and long-term contribution.
  • To give your audience secret insight into their peak performance—strengths, wiring, attitudes, and tendencies.
  • To bring a common language to the table, giving your audience the opportunity for greater connectivity and rapport.
  • To show your audience their primary drives and motivators, their unique talent profile and their value to the team.
  • To facilitate learning between your audience—opening an opportunity for dialog in key areas, including performance and motivation.
  • To inspire awareness about the endless possibilities of leading in a changing, globally connected environment.
  • To empower your audience with the tools to help them ‘be their best’ every day.
  • To educate your audience about the importance of their OWN personal wellbeing in the execution of their daily responsibilities.
  • To inspire and empower your audience with the energy and enthusiasm necessary for powerful long-term growth.
  • To broaden your audience’s perspective by challenging paradigms about leadership—with the intent of moving them to a position of ‘leading without titles.’
  • To share strategies, ideas and thoughts about building collaborative work skills.
  • To encourage your audience to find more value within their role, specifically within their department and organization at large.

Past keynote address topics:

  • Leading From the Inside Out
  • Hustle, Heart and Having It All
  • Unstoppable Dreams
  • #GirlBoss
  • How To Be A Brilliant Media Guest
  • #SheOwns
  • From Pain to Power
  • Building Your Speaking Empire
  • Flourishing: 7 Powerful Approaches To Take You From Surviving To Thriving
  • Ride Or Die Moms!
  • Thriving In Tough Times

With wit, wisdom, information, and inspiration, Jennifer consistently brings crowds to their feet at leading U.S. companies and organizations, including CNN, The Home Depot, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, Spelman College, Workday, Inc. and a numerous array of women's groups, churches, organizations, and universities. 

An abbreviated list of companies and organizations: 
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Atlanta Association of Black Journalists
  • Fort Dix
  • Workday
  • Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
  • Southern Regional Medical Center
  • The Salvation Army
  • Saddleback Church
  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Cox Media Group
  • Atlanta Public School System